Cambridge Debt Advisors

Cambridge Debt Advisors is an institutional investment advisory firm that specializes in exotic debt instruments

CDO Library

Since inception, the CDA team has examined and modeled more than 250 different CDOs, each with their own complexities. Our primary and secondary market clients have come to respect the experience that we bring to the table and value our opinion on each new investment opportunity that we present. Without such experience and respect, other boutique investment advisory firms struggle to maintain active dialogue with the players in the CDO space.

  • The following is a sample list of deals in our CDO library. The actual deal library includes more than 300 additional CDOs.

Addison CDO
Admiral CBO (Cayman)
Aeltus CBO II
Aeltus CBO
Aimco CDO 2000-A
Aimco CLO 2001-A
Aladdin CDO I
Alliance DHO
Alliance Global Diversified Hld
Alliance Holdings International II
Alliance Holdings International
Alliance Investments
Allmerica CBO I
American General CBO 2000-1
Antares Funding LP
APEX (Trimaran) CDO I
Archimedes Funding II
Archimedes Funding III
Archimedes Funding IV
Ares V CLO
Ariel CBO
Astron CBO
Atlantic Global Funding CBO
Aurum CLO 2002-1
Avalon Capital
Battery Park CDO
BEA CBO 1998-1
Bedford CDO
Berkeley Street CDO
Calhoun CBO
Capital Guardian HY CBO I
Carillon Holding
Carlyle High Yield Partners III
Carlyle High Yield Partners IV
Cedar CBO
Cedar Lake CBO
Centennial CBO
Centurion CDO I
Centurion CDO II
CHYPS CBO 1997-1
CIGNA Collat. Hld 1999-1 CDO
Clarion CBO
Clydesdale CLO 2001-1
Concerto I BV
Concerto II BV
CSAM High Yield Focus CBO
Dilmun Capital II
Dresdner RCM Caywood Scholl CBO I
Dryden VI Leveraged Loan CDO 2004
Eaton Vance CDO II
Eaton Vance CDO III
ELC (Cayman) 1998-I
ELC (Cayman) 1999-I
ELC (Cayman) 1999-II
ELC (Cayman) 1999-III
ELC (Cayman) 2000-I
Emerald Investment Grade CBO
Equus Capital Funding
Evergreen Funding
Federated CBO
First Dominion Funding I
First Dominion Funding II
First Emerging Markets CBO
Flagship CLO 2001-1
FMA CBO Funding II
Fort Washington CBO I
Franklin CLO II
Gibraltar CBO
Gleacher CBO 2000-1
Global Diversified CBO
GoldenTree Loan Opportunities I
Goldman Sachs Asset Mgt CBO I
GSC Partners CDO Fund
Gulf Stream-Compass CLO 2002-1
Halyard CBO I
Harbourview CLO IV
Highland Legacy
Highland Loan Funding V
Indosuez Capital Funding IIA
Jackson Creek CDO
Jade CBO
Juniper CBO 1999-1
Juniper CBO 2000-1
Katonah II
Katonah III
Liberty Square CDO I
Longhorn CDO
Magnetite IV CLO
ML CBO IV Series 1996-PM-1
ML CBO VI Series 1996-C-2
ML CBO VII Series 1997-C-3
ML CBO X 1997-Royalton-1
ML CLO XII Pilgrim America 97-1
ML CLO XV Pilgrim America 98-2
ML CLO XVI 1998-Delano-1
ML CLO XIX Sterling
ML CBO XXV 1999-Strong-1
Monument Capital
Mountain Capital CLO I
Mt Washington CBO I
North Street RLN 2000-2
Northstar CBO 1997-1
NYLIM High Yield CDO 2001
Oak Hill Credit Partners I
Oasis CBO
Octagon Investment Partners III
Octagon Investment Partners IV
Pacific Redwood CBO
PAMCO III CLO Series 1998-1
Pinnacle CBO
PPM America High Yield CBO I
PPM America High Yield CBO II
Prometheus Investment Fund. No 1
Putnam CBO I
Putnam CBO II
Race Point CLO
Rainier CBO I
Saar Holdings CDO
SCM Communications CBO I
Seneca CBO III
Signature 4
Signature 5 LP
Simsbury CLO
SKM-LibertyView CBO I
South Street CBO 1999-1
Stanfield / RMF Transatlantic CDO
Stanfield Arbitrage CDO
Stanfield Carrera CLO
Stanfield CLO
Stein Roe & Farnham CLO I
Suffield CLO
Summit CBO I
Sutter CBO 1998-1
Travelers Funding
Van Kampen CLO I
Van Kampen CLO II
Windsor Loan Funding
Worldlinx CBO
Zermatt CBO


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