Cambridge Debt Advisors

Cambridge Debt Advisors is an institutional investment advisory firm that specializes in exotic debt instruments


CDA’s structured products investment management and advisory services are the focal point of the team’s activities. This business line is fueled by a number of core competencies of the team, particularly:

  • A deep understanding of structured debt products; and
  • The ability to decipher dynamic market information in the context of complex structures and apply them towards innovative investment strategies.

As proof of the teams abilities, in the relatively short time at Fieldstone, the team developed a very strong reputation in the secondary CDO market. Few (if any) boutique sales and trading groups in the CDO market are able to evidence their expertise as we can – with:

  • A deal library of cash flow models and deal documents for more than 400 CDOs; and
  • State-of-the-art proprietary CDO valuation technology that rivals the largest investment banking firms in the business.

When the CDA team next affiliates with a Broker-Dealer (news expected soon) these distinctive attributes will enable our sales and distribution team to remain ahead of the competition and offer a global reach. With a liquidity network that will includes both well–known and under–the–radar hedge funds, insurance companies, banks and private investment firms, there is no client that is too small or too large to benefit from these unique capabilities.


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