Cambridge Debt Advisors

Cambridge Debt Advisors is an institutional investment advisory firm that specializes in exotic debt instruments


CDA’s expertise in the specialized structured debt market allows for an individualized and focused client approach. Given its boutique nature, the firm practices and encourages a creative and entrepreneurial spirit amongst its professionals. As a result, unlike its behemoth competitors in the financial services area, the firm is able to cut through red tape quickly and effectively to address any issue at hand. The group’s success is testament not only to its commitment to clients and business partners but also to its conscious effort to remain agile and ahead of the curve.

CDA’s main focus is providing structured debt portfolio advisory services for institutional clients. We are currently in the process of creating a platform for an affilated trading fund and new–issuance business.

While the CDA team continues to focus on their advisory and trading capabilities, CDA’s lean business model and entrepreneurial character has engendered various unique assignments for the principals of the firm. These engagements include:

  • Providing secondary market CDO valuation and auditing services for a Big Four accounting firm;
  • Acting as advisor/structuring–agent to a billion–dollar hedge fund wishing to enter the CDO management space for the first time;
  • Managing the structured products portfolio of a $500 million hedge fund; and
  • Offering expert testimony in CDO litigation cases.


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